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Personal Training

Recommended Books

        5x5 and Basic Training

        Training Theory

        Human Body

        Magazines of Note

Recommended Links




Personal Training:


Not through me but several I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.


Matt Reynolds: Author of the DFHT program, elite powerlifter, here's some info on his services over at Meso.

Glenn Pendlay: Needs no introduction if you've been on this page.  He was considering taking some internet clients in the future last I spoke to him so I figured I'd add him here.

Iron Addict: Maintains his own training forums.  People seem to be quite happy.




Recommended Books:


Basic Training/Performance and 5x5:

In the 5x5 and Starting Strength genre which offers a foundation and up style of conveying training theory (which most people who are using this site will find most useful) the following are currently or will be available shortly.  Starting Strength covers the lifts, basic info and introductory programming while Practical Periodization will cover how, why, and when training is altered through time as the lifter progresses and gains experience.  More info on these first 3 books here.


Starting Strength - Rippetoe and Kilgore

Basic Barbell Training - Rippetoe and Kilgore (July 2006)

Practical Periodization - Rippetoe, Kilgore, and Pendlay (June 2006)

Only the Strong Shall Survive - Bill Starr (the classic 5x5 book)

Weightlifting Encyclopedia - Dreschler (best and most comprehensive book on olympic lifting on the planet)


Training Theory:

The following are some of the best books on training theory available.  Most are available either through EliteFTS or Sportivny Press Weightlifting Texts accessed through the Dynamic Eleiko site and then products:

Science and Practice of Strength Training - Zatsiorsky

Supertraining - Siff

Fundmentals of Special Strength Training in Sport - Verkhoshansky

A System of Multi Year Training in Weightlifting - Medvedev
Managing the Training of Weightlifters - Laputin


The Human Body:

An of course dealing with training the body requires an understanding of the body and its systems.  I basically just went with Mike Hartman's recommendation on several of these.  For most people, just go find a deal on something somewhere.  Enoka's book has been particularly helpful in understanding many topics related to exercise - there's probably not a better source out there currently and it is highly recommended by almost everyone.


Exercise Physiology: Human Bioenergetics and Its Applications - Brooks and Fahey

Human Physiology: The Mechanisms of Body Function; Vander, Sherman, and Luciano

Neuromechanics of Human Movement - Roger Enoka


Magazines of Note:

Off the top of my head some of the ones I like are Milo, Weightlifting USA, Powerlifting USA, I'm sure there are others.  I'd really look into Milo, it's very cool and a bit less specialized.


Recommended Links:


These come to mind off the top of my head as likely being of use if you are interested in the type of information on this site.  I'm sure one can uncover a ton more just through browsing through them.  In no particular order. (Dave Tate's site, Westside Barbell, store and articles) (general strength and lifting) (great store) (Glenn Pendlay's site) (heavily sprint and track focused but excellent info and very knowledgeable on weight training) (some great articles and reads) (good store and very solid forums) (good forums for training theory and particularly strong OL and PL forums) (OL forum is stacked with coaches) (the weight training forum has a number of people experienced in 5x5 style training and a lot of journals for reference) (the weight training forum has a number of people experienced in 5x5 style training)